Apply to be a Speaker

Lecturers, workshop leaders, and panelists are invited to submit session proposals for the 2018 Your Imagination Redeemed Conference on April 27-28, 2018. Proposals are due no later than February 1 2018, and we encourage you to get yours in sooner, because when we're full, we're full!

If you are interested in speaking, please provide us with the pertinent information below. Strong preference will be given to people we already know or have spoken for us before. Please note that due to our high standards for speakers, if we have not seen you speak before and/or you cannot provide a video, we cannot consider your application.

We are accepting proposals for sessions in two general areas, and will mostly be accepting workshop/interactive sessions:

  • The relationship between the church and the arts in redeeming the imagination. These sessions will be designed to build on several core talks on the topic, so a supplementary or tangential topic is preferred (how to encounter Scripture as a work of art, how to pastor artists, parenting in light of the redeemed imagination, etc.)
  • Nerdy fun. It is likely one of our afternoon periods will be a chance to indulge in some off-topic areas (for example, in the past we've had talks on moral themes in the Marvel cinematic universe, incarnation in Shakespeare, Christianity and the English literary canon in Harry Potter, etc.).

That said, if you have a fantastic idea for something that doesn't fit in one of the boxes above (e.g. musical performance, hymnwriters' workshop, liturgical primer, artist creative session, etc.), give it a shot!

Accepted speakers will be provided a small stipend, and individualized publicity on our social media channels. In some cases, we may be able to provide travel assistance and/or lodging with a host family.

If you have more than one idea, simply return to this page and submit the form again.

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