Your Imagination Redeemed Announces Headline Speakers

The Anselm Society is pleased to announce that Anthony Esolen and Martyn Minns will headline the annual Anselm Society conference in Colorado on April 27-28, 2018.


Dr. Anthony Esolen is a writer, social commentator, translator of classical poetry, and professor of English Renaissance and classical literature at the Thomas More College of Liberal Arts. Notably, he is a celebrated translator of Dante's Divine Comedy, and the author of several of our favorite books, including Ten Ways to Destroy the Imagination of Your Child and Ironies of Faith: The Laughter at the Heart of Christian Literature. We have wanted to bring Dr. Esolen out to spend time with us for years, and this year it worked out!


The Rt. Rev. Martyn Minns is an English-born American bishop who has long been a  prominent voice for truth and beauty within the Anglican communion. Prior to becoming a bishop, he served as rector of Truro Church in Fairfax, Virginia; and All Angels Church in New York City, where he worked with a heavily artistic congregation to shape and direct creative gifts to the glory of God. We are honored to have Bishop Minns' articulate voice leading our conversation about the role of the church in redeeming the imagination.

About the Conference

When you read a book that stirs your spirit and captures your imagination, what is it about that tale that makes you feel awakened and alive?

It is an echo; a reminder of who we are. The redeemed imagination allows the believer to see the world, and his own life, through divine eyes. To play roles in the building of a Kingdom (in the already and the not yet) whose glory we can scarcely comprehend.

Artists and pastors play crucial roles in aiding the rest of us in this calling, but it is the calling of every Christian. Yet the separation of imagination from the church has left us with a disenchanted Christianity and a slew of vapid books, music, and movies.

The disenchanted, the lost, and the Church itself need a renaissance of the Christian imagination. Your Imagination Redeemed is a gathering of 200 people from around the country who want to take a step in that journey.


Based in Colorado Springs, the Anselm Society is a three year-old organization dedicated to a renaissance of the Christian imagination. We aim to accomplish it through two complementary projects: building up tomorrow’s great artists, and preparing tomorrow's Church to be inspired by them. Learn more.


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