Call for Art Submissions to Imagination Redeemed

The Anselm Society is excited to invite visual artists to submit their work to 2019’s Your Imagination Redeemed Art Gallery!

This year, our conference gallery will mirror the three “Acts” of the conference. We also were influenced by the book “Putting Art (Back) In Its Place” by John Skillen, one of our plenary speakers.

We are looking for submissions in three categories:

  1. Art that is liturgical - intended to be viewed in the context of a worship setting, forming the identity of the Church

  2. Art that is for community - intended to comfort, challenge, and teach the body of Christ

  3. Art that is for the world - intended to take the message of the beauty of Christ out into the world

Each submitted piece should be accompanied by a photo of a location that the artist thinks would be an ideal place for it to ‘live’ in order to be experienced by others. 

The art for the gallery will be chosen from among the submissions and placed in different areas of The Pinery according to its intended category. We will also invite the gallery artists to meet up on Friday for dinner before the conference begins and share the experience of the conference together. This community group will be hosted by our art gallery curator, Kristopher Orr.

Finally, one of the breakout sessions on Saturday will include a walk through the art gallery for attendees, guided by John Skillen.

Deadline for submission of concept - March 15
Deadline for submission of a photo of the piece - April 1
Announcement of gallery pieces - April 15

To submit your art, please use this form.