S.D. Smith to Speak at Your Imagination Redeemed 2018

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The Anselm Society is delighted to announce that the imaginative author of The Green Ember series and co-founder of Story Warren, S. D. Smith, will be a Featured Speaker at our 2018 “Your Imagination Redeemed” conference!  

Your Imagination Redeemed 2018 will be held April 27-28, 2018 at the Pinery at the Hill, and will feature numerous other speakers as well, including Anthony Esolen and Martyn Minns. Tickets are available at imaginationredeemed.com. 

In his writing and work with Story Warren, Sam seeks to fuel holy imagination in children, and be allies with parents in their quest to develop children’s anticipation for The Kingdom.  Sam believes that stories and play can train us all for a richer faith and more intentional lives.

As we find ourselves finally old enough to read fairy-tales again, we can’t wait for S.D. Smith to come along side us as we learn to fight dragons, embark on the grand quest and see the wonder that lives all around us once again!

About S.D. Smith:

Sam is the author of the middle-grade adventure fantasy novels, The Green Ember, The Black Star of Kingston, Ember Falls (The Green Ember: Book II), The Last Archer: A Green Ember Story, and Ember Rising: The Green Ember Book III (available March 8!).  Sam has been featured as a runner-up for the West Virginia Fiction Award, World Magazine’s Children’s Book of the Year, and Audible’s Kids Audiobook of the Year.

Sam Smith lives with his wife and four kids in West Virginia.

Connect with Sam and his work at sdsmith.net and visit the Story Warren at storywarren.com.

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