Artwork Revealed for Your Imagination Redeemed 2018

Kristopher Orr’s “Western Wind” is a call to the Church to remember her name.

The Anselm Society is pleased to reveal the feature artwork for the 2018 Your Imagination Redeemed Conference. In keeping with this year’s conference theme, reintegrating the church and the arts, the painting portrays the Bride of Christ answering His call and taking the good, true, and beautiful into the darkness of the world.

“Western Wind” Acrylics and graphite on canvas, 3’ x 4’ Kristopher Orr, 2018

“Western Wind”
Acrylics and graphite on canvas, 3’ x 4’
Kristopher Orr, 2018

Your Imagination Redeemed 2018 will be held April 27-28, 2018 at the Pinery at the Hill, and will feature numerous speakers including Anthony Esolen and Martyn Minns. Tickets are available at More information.

"Western Wind" will be on display throughout the conference, prints will be available for purchase in person, and the artist will be in attendance to speak about the art and sign prints.


From the Artist:

A western wind traditionally symbolized a pleasant breeze that brought good to those in its path. This painting is a prayer for those who identify themselves with Christ and who are especially endowed with the unique, and at times burdensome, heart of the artist. For too long we’ve been in the shadows. For too long we have simply accepted the world we’ve been born into--the bizarre, violent, narcissistic, and grotesque. Sadly, the beautiful, good, and true is often pictured as naive and trivial—disconnected from the reality of the horrors of daily experience. It is time to embrace that a work of art is ultimately not for the artist, but rather, is ultimately an act of love for one’s audience.  

The woman in this painting is symbolic of the Church. She is powerful, focused, and elegant. She is wrapped in robes of righteousness, and in her hand she bears the Light of Life. She is gracefully leaping from the shadows into the light. Woe to those who would hinder her voice! She knows her realm and has learned to speak into it well.

So again I pray, arise Creator! Remember your name, Beloved of God! And step out boldly for the sake of those who need your creations. With the Light of Life within your heart and hands, go and make! For we are desperate for your voice.


Artist Statement: 

"Say it your way and admonish all other voices be silent. It is by eucharisteo we fill the white space."


About the Artist: Kristopher Orr


After Kristopher earned his Bachelor’s of Arts in Art from Belhaven College, he apprenticed under the famous artist Thomas Blackshear. From Thomas, Kristopher developed a sense of the way shapes, lines, and forms interact and press into space to shape stories. Those stories reach their greatest potential when crafted in phileo love for one’s audience.

Kristopher is an award winning Art Director at WaterBrook Multnomah. He has had the privilege of working with authors such as Tim Tebow, Katie Davis Majors, Nick Vujicic, Erwin Raphael McManus, Jeffrey Overstreet, Lori Benton, and many others. Kristopher excels at finding the core idea and figuring out a creative way to say that visually to a specific audience.

Kristopher greatly enjoys the deep thoughts and heart stirrings that come with experiencing art with his wife. When not engaged in aesthetics, Kristopher can be found exploring Colorado with his family.

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