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Our world has been disenchanted.

Christians belong to a decisively established kingdom, but our daily lives bear the brunt of ugliness, pressure, and banality -- forces great and small that divorce the wonders of God from our sight. Worn and disillusioned, we sometimes wish the unseen realities were as evident as a physical realm beyond the back of a wardrobe.

They can be.

Imagination Redeemed is a gathering of people who long for God’s mysteries to be illuminated more clearly on the stage of our world; to find His handiwork everywhere; and to see His people filled will the kind of stories, songs, and ideas that awaken them to their parts in the Great Drama.

In this, its third year, our two-day conference will happen in three acts, as we explore the three realms where the sacred theater of the work of God’s people plays out. Along the way, we will be inspired by great works of art and music and literature, old and new, that have been created toward one end: displaying God’s presence on earth.


Friday afternoon: 4:00pm to 6:00pm

Setting the Stage

Meet other attendees with similar interests at a casual gathering in one of Colorado Springs's neighborhoods near the conference venue, and together prepare to get the most out of what is to come.

Daniel and Elena Sorenson - Creatives with Small Children
La Baguette -- 2417 W. Colorado Ave.

Clay Clarkson and Matthew Clark - Songwriter's Circle
Jack Quinn's, downstairs - 21 S. Tejon St.

Kris and Cheri Orr - Artists' Bandersnatch (Community for Artists)
The Warehouse -- 25 W. Cimarron St.

Kory and Evangeline Denmark - "I Don’t Know Anyone…Why Am I Here?"
Sopra Antipasto and Wine Bar— 4 S 28th St.

Heidi White and Megan Prahl - Creative Teachers
Poor Richard’s/Rico’s Coffee Shop -- 324 1/2 N. Tejon St.

Fr. Matt Burnett and Daniel VanValkenburg - Pastors and Church Leaders
Wild Goose Meeting House, back room -- 401 N. Tejon St.

Friday evening: 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Act I: Remember

The drama begins in the reenactment of the throne room of God: sacred art, created for the central activity of the church for all eternity: corporate worship. In worship, we remember who we are, the heavenly tapestry in which we have been invited to participate; and we encounter God Himself, by Whom all things were made.

Orientation and Act I Prologue
Brian Brown
Heidi White

7:00pm: Plenary Session

Re-Enchanting the Universe: Tuning People to Reality

Hans Boersma

8:00pm: Discussion

The Christian Legacy of Sacred Art

Hans Boersma, Junius Johnson, John Skillen, Brian Brown

9:00pm: Evening Concludes

7:30am: Light breakfast and coffee

Saturday morning April 27: 8:00 am - 10:30 am

Act II: Understand

The drama continues in the life of the church, as the encounter with God shapes a common life. We learn the Story of which we are a part; we learn, we grow, we love one another; we seek to live as if the Kingdom that is coming is already here, even though the sickness of the world dims what we remember from the throne room. We enact the sacred theater of the church, living with each other the life we have been given and imaging the life that is yet to come.

Act II Prologue
Brian Brown
Heidi White

8:00am: Plenary Session

Sacred Theater in the Church: Art, Catechesis, and Community Formation

John Skillen

9:00am: Breakouts (choose 1)

John Skillen: Visual Art in the Life of a Community

Amber Salladin: The Singing Community and Spiritual Formation in Song

Heidi White: Teaching Ourselves Our Own Story

10:30am: Into Practice

Options to talk, enjoy the Reflection Room, walk the art gallery, visit the bookstore, etc., or participate in one of these hands-on workshops:

Choir (rehearsal for performance in evening service; open to all)
Led by Amber Salladin

Sonnet-Writing Workshop (learn the form and write your own!)
Led by Lanier Ivester

12pm: Lunch

Saturday afternoon I: 1:30 pm - 4:00 pm

Act III: Embody

The drama concludes as we bring the Gospel to the world; as we take the sacred theater outside the church into the fallen world; as we live and create in the ruins, doing full justice to their darkness and to the light that will swallow it up. We bring the divine to the ordinary, because there is no such thing as “ordinary.”

Act III Prologue
Brian Brown
Heidi White

1:30pm: Plenary Session

Sacred Theatre Outside the Church

Junius Johnson

2:30pm: Breakouts (choose 1)

Junius Johnson: Cultural Transmission: The Relationship Between Values and Creativity in Film

Lancia Smith: Writing as Image-Bearing for the Watching World

Lanier Ivester: How to Feast: Relearning the Christian Art of Celebration

3:30pm: Sessions Conclude

4:00pm to 5:00pm: Into Practice

Re-Enchantment at Home and at Church
Concluding all-attendee workshop led by Brian Brown

5pm: Dinner downtown on your own

Saturday evening: 7:30pm - 8:30 pm

Finale: An Offering of Beauty

In the final portion of the weekend’s drama, we gather for a worship service--and by participating in the work of some of the greatest art from the Christian tradition from over the centuries, we gain a glimpse of the reenchantment of the faith for the glory of God.